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Tiger in a Spotlight

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Tiger in a Spotlight

Bass - playing in my face - grabbin' the elastic.
Drums - listen here she comes - hammerin' the plastic.
Keys - I play 'em all with ease - Freeze! Your shakin' at the knees.
You're doin' somethin' drastic - chasin' the fantastic...
To dine with tigers in the sky,
but did You ever stop to wonder why?

Man - living in a can - skippin' with a suit-case.
Frail - living in a gale - slipping on a blue face.
Claws - are scratching at the doors - Pause: If You don't lose your oars.
You're trippin' on a shoe lace - racin' to each new place...
To screw Your shadow in the sky,
But did You ever stop to wonder why?

Sun - help me when I run - bleedin' from the moonlight.
Nurse - help me with a verse - I need to sing the tune right.
Days - I wasted in the maze - Raise Your eyes above the ways.
To keep a silver spoon bright - fly up to balloon height...
To ride the spotlight in the sky,
But did You ever stop to wonder why?

©1973 by Manticore Music Limited / 1977 by Leadchoice Ltd.

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