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Still...You turn me on


Music and Lyrics: Greg Lake

'Still ... You Turn Me On' was one of Greg's acoustic ballads in the tradition of 'Lucky Man' and 'From The Beginning'. Ironically, it was these ballads that were played the most on the radio, and made ELP popular. 'Still ... You Turn Me On' was an obvious single choice, but the band nixed it's release, both because Carl didn't play on the track and because the band felt it didn't fairly represent the album or the band's general direction.

A whimsical lyric describing how the performer feels about the female fans in the audience. This song was the balance factor that made the thing sit comfortably as an entire album. In the case of Still .... You Turn Me On it was a kind of a love song, that brings more the passion of the music and the feeling of gentleness and tenderness. A lot of ELPs music is extremely agressive, very metal and very masculine, but not very tender.

Keith Emerson:
"We tried doing 'Still ... You Turn Me On', as per arrangement but it sounds better if Greg does it on its own on his acoustic twelve-string. He is going to buy an electric twelve string and then we can probably arrange it a bit more like the album."

Greg Lake:
"When I think about the lyric, I'd think about a face in the audience looking up at me. Whe the audience looks up on the stage they see a star, but a star is just a perception, so it was a concept that I was trying to voice, but in a romantic way."

Interesting to hear is an early version of 'Still .... You Turn Me On' on the Video/DVD called 'The Manticore Special', performed live during the European tour in Spring 1973. This 53 minute documentary was originally aired on broadcast television in the UK on Boxing Day 1973, and finally in the United States on January 9th, 1974.

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