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Minimoog Model D


The Minimoog Model D (the 'Minnie') featured three voltage-controlled oscillators, a mixer, noise source, VCA and a warm resonant filter which could be controlled with a dedicated EG called a 'contour generator'. The Minimoog also had an external input which allowed external signals to be processed through the filter, as well as a voltage controlled 'S-Trigger' jack which allowed the Minimoog to be hooked up to a Ribbon Controller, sample-and-hold or percussion (drum) controller. Most innovative were the wheel-controlled pitch and modulation controller mounted on the left side of the keyboard, allowing for pitch bend and variation in modulation or vibrato depth.

Bob Moog:
"We exhibited the Minimoog at the National Association Of Music Merchants Convention in June, 1971. It was our first exposure to the music instruments industry - and the industry's first exposure to synthesizers (the previous synthesizers, the modulars, were marketed to recording studios, audio engineers and schools). We did not experience a warm reception. Most dealers didn't know what to make of a musical instrument with words like Oscillator Bank and Modifiers printed on the front panel."

Keith Emerson's first Minimoog has the serial number 1203 and was bought from R.A.Moog Trumansburg Plant on October 27, 1971.

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