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Marketing and Sales


Brain Salad Surgery was released on Manticore Records, ELP's own record label. but the worldwide distribution was executed
in a collaboration with Atlantic Records. Thereby Manticore was able the to benefit Atlantics own marketing channels.

In individual countries Atlantic utilized their cooperation to other record companies:

Portugal = distributed by Phonogram Records
Belgium = distributed by EMI Records
Holland = distributed by Ariola Eurodisc Benelux B.V.
Germany = Ariola Eurodisc GmbH
Austria = Ariola Eurodisc GmbH
Spain = Ariola Eurodisc S.A.
Yugoslavia = Suzy Records
Mexico = Gamma S.A.
Argentina = Music Hall
Brazil = Gravacoes Electricas S.A.


Artist: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Title: Brain Salad Surgery
Release Type: 12'' LP
First appeared in chart (at position): Feb 09, 1974 (16)
Last seen in chart (at position): Nov 01, 1974 (190)
Length of time in chart: 36 weeks
Highest position in chart: 16


Artist: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Title: Brain Salad Surgery
Release Type: 12'' LP
First appeared in chart (at position): Dec 22, 1973 (12)
Last seen in chart (at position): Sep 14, 1974 (49)
Length of time in chart: 37 weeks
Highest position in chart: 2



Manticore LYN 2762 7" flexidisc Brain Salad Surgery / excerpts from Brain Salad Surgery. Custom one-sided flexidisc, playing at 33 rpm, in a fold-out picture sleeve. The sleeve is a miniature facsimile of the Brain Salad Surgery LP. Given away free in the New Musical Express (NME) on November 10, 1973. NME statet the circulation will double for this issue, but regretted that it was not possible to provide the free ELP single by overseas readers in Europe and elsewhere.

The original NME press release:
The single "Brain Salad Surgery", was specially-recorded by ELP for NME readers during sessions on the band's new long-awaited album. The album too, is entitled "Brain Salad Surgery", although the special NME single - ELP's first - does nor appear in the new set, nor will it appear in Britain in any other form except through the November 3 issue of New Musical Express. Excerpts from all seven tracks on the album will be included on the ELP/NME single. These are "Jerusalem", an ELP arrangement of the traditional hymn, "Toccata", an adaption of Alberto Ginastera's 1st Piano Concerto 4th Movement, "Still...You Turn Me On", "Benny The Bouncer", and "Karn Evil 9", which is divided into three impressions and takes up thre whole of the second side. The album is ELP's first for well over a year and the first on their own Manticore label - sleeve design is from original paintings commissioned from Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger. THE NME FREE SINGLE WILL BE CONTAINED IN A MINIATURE FACSIMILE OF THE ACTUAL ALBUM COVER.

Pressed by Lyntone. The second track comprises excerpts from 'First Impression', 'Second Impression', 'Still…You Turn Me On', 'Toccata', 'Third Impression', 'Benny The Bouncer', 'First Impression' (again) and 'Benny The Bouncer' (again). Note that the track 'Brain Salad Surgery' was not included on the LP of the same name (it was finally issued as the flip-side of 'Fanfare For The Common Man' in 1977 and got an LP airing on Works Volume 2 in December 1977). Greg Lake had never seen a copy of the flexi in the sleeve and was very impressed when signing a copy at Exeter University in October 1981.

The flexidisc (also known as a phonosheet or sonosheet) is a phonograph record made of a thin vinyl sheet and is designed to be playable on a normal phonograph turntable. Flexible records were commercially introduced as the Evatone Soundsheet in 1960.

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