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I am very pleased to announce that this website has found a place on Greg Lake's official site.

Greg Lake: 'Thank You for creating such a fantastic site and for your hard work. I really like the site'.

Carl Palmer: 'Thank You very much for this great website'.

I would like to thank Mr. Greg Lake, Mr. Carl Palmer and Mr. HR Giger for their kindly permissions.

All my love to my daughter Kathi (Katharina) and my son Sebi (Sebastian) for their close collaboration to design this site and their great inspirations. God bless you all the time.

...many thanks and 'a garland of martian fire flowers' to:

Steve Dunne (Australia)
Les Barany (USA)
José Luis Bottini (Brazil)
Mike Myers (USA)
Lee Millward (Great Britain)
Gudrun Friedrich (Germany)
Eileen Craddock (USA)
John Arnold (USA)
Paolo Rigoli (Italy)
René Laursen (Denmark)
John Wade (Canada)
Dr. Ueli Frey (Switzerland)
Darius Firethorne (Japan)
Costas Voliotis (Greece)
Volker Goeke (Germany)
David A. Ward (Japan)
Richard Kneubühler (Switzerland)
Leen Groenewegen (The Netherlands)
Keith Smart (Great Britain)
Ferry van der Werf (The Netherlands)
Galina Shilova (Russia)
Javier Gomez (Venezuela)
José Luis Zarate Gaytan (Mexico)
Linda Heath (USA)
Charles 'Jerry' Leopardo (USA)
Karen West (South Africa)
Jan Johansson (Sweden)
Marcos Romero-Ochoa (USA)
Milos Sekulic (Serbia)
Tony Ortiz (USA)
Allan A. Bastos (Brazil)
Fabian Vega (Argentina)
Emmanuel Lardenois (France)
Mary Ann Burns (USA)
Jean-Pierre Bestin (France)
Marc Eisenoff (USA)
Ines Milanovic (Croatia)
Kostas Papaioannou (Greece)
Christopher Treacy (USA)
Miguel Martinez (Spain)
Greg Haltom (USA)
David Hartstone (USA)
Markus Lion (Germany)
Holger Brüning (Germany)
Roberto (El Salvador)
Barry Bailus (USA)
Carlos Najar (Canada)
Fabio Palmieri (Italy)
Ronaldo Lopez Teixeira (Brazil)

Additional informations available at:

Ladies of the Lake (a Greg Lake tribute site at
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Show That Never Ends, written by G. Forrester, M. Hanson and F. Askew
Endless Enigma - A Musical Biography of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, written by E. Macan

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