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My very first contact with Brain Salad Surgery was in 1974 (I was 17 at that time), when a then good friend came down and said "look at this album, you need to hear it". My first impression was not the music (it was some kind of strange), but it was the cover design that fascinated me. At that period I was a very huge YES fan, and you will guess I forgot that album very shortly.

In 2002 I found, purely by chance, in a record store the Brain Salad Surgery album on CD at a cheap price. I remembered to the time when I heard it first , and now the music was so awesome that I wanted to know more about. And (many thanks to ebay) I found a lot of CDs, LPs and Tapes from different countries as I could ever imagine. Those were the basics to have the idea for this website.

Now this site got its knightly accolade by being present as a link at Greg Lake's official website.

Thank's to all who helped making this site possible.

Dortmund, Germany

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